The 66th exhibition
Avian Bones as Flying Machine

13th July 20131st December 2013
Closed every Monday

This exhibition cosponsered by Abiko Bird Museum &

Yamashina Insitute for Ornithology

Entrance of Special Exhibition

Basic of Bird Bone

Bird bone is light weight, flexible and strong.
The skeketon is simple structure.

The skeleton of bill, wing and leg.

Beak of bird is working deftly on behalf forelimb to fly, while legs is working for swimming and walking. The mechanism of movement of birds are in perfect harmony.

Birds Bones suggest birds life

Bone of birds have a shape adapted for each life. Let's compare the shape of a bones. There will deepen understanding of the birds life.

The most popular bird "Shoe Bill" is exhibited !!

This bird is popular in the zoo. The massive beak is surprising. Shoebill eat lungfish by ambush in wetlands of Africa. The figure of bird is suitable for conversion in a moment from static mode to action mode.

The Bone Tree

"Bone tree" has compared with the relationship of skeletal form and habit of each bird.

Simple model of motion of beak, wing and leg.

We reproduce simple models which explain movement characteristic of beak, wing and leg.

Profiling from the bone

Bone is a tough tissue that remains as a fossil, giving a hint to the past guess what happened to the organism.

Video of plane that mimics the hummingbird

By courtesy of Liu Hiroshi laboratory, Chiba University Graduate School and Faculty of Engineering, we can show the video of hummingbird robot.
In recent years, it attracting attention that research to mimic the structure and function of organisms procreate new technology. Hummingbird robot is one of the research results of these biomimetic.

It is a corner of the stamp of mascot character "SUKARUGAMO",
parody of skull of Spot-Billed Duck which is "karugamo" in japanese.

There is also a quiz and questionnaire.

leaflet only in Japanese (pdf)→